How Does Google Adwords Remarketing Work?

How Does Google Adwords Remarketing Work?. Google Adwords re-marketing is a way to turn an initial engagement into an ongoing relationship.

The best bet is to look at this overview video from Google:
Key point: you have more than one chance to engage with a potential customer, instead of leaving it 'to chance' they will return to your website to take that action.

Who is it for?

I think right now, many people are missing a trick.

They are driving traffic to their website via social media, but they are not following up with them.
Sure, you could use Facebook remarketing too, but with revenues of $50 billion+ from their Ad network, you should really be looking at Google too.

How does it work?

Here is the basic process. And even though we've focused on Google+, think 'Social' and your email list, and anywhere else people may visit from!
In essence, remarketing is a way to make the most of your marketing as you stay top of mind, more often. And you are driving an action with the ads they see, knowing they have an interest in that product/service/business area.

More information, and tips, from the PYB team:

This was a presentation we did for Level 3 of the Academy, but I thought the wider world would appreciate it too.

Thanks to Jim Banks for spending the time to run through it all!

Sour: https://www.plusyourbusiness.com/how-does-google-adwords-remarketing-work/

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